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Luggage bags commonly used fabric, what does

Jan 16, 2017

Luggage is one of the more common types of luggage in our daily lives, comes from its large capacity on the one hand, on the other hand thanks to its convenience. When the General, is favored by the public outside the luggage in addition to the many styles, fabrics are also varied, what are the commonly used fabrics that luggage?

Making luggage fabrics, polyester and nylon, CORDURA fabric of these three. Nylon is belongs to a class of compounds, making it into the fabric. Use nylon fabric to make into a suitcase, durable, and good strength, not easily broken. Nylon trunk stiffness and flatness are inferior to polyester fabric bags, and poor abrasion resistance, as well as a fear of fire.

Compared to nylon, luggage fabric and fabric CORDURA DuPont, boot of this material with a light, quick-drying, soft, features such as durability, and resistance to wear and tear resistance is very strong, waterproof performance. And polyester are chemical fiber fabrics, with strong strength and resilience, and solid and durable, waterproof and wear-resistant and, therefore, polyester fabric is making the deck of choice.

Trunk commonly used fabrics in addition to nylon, CORDURA DuPont polyester outer, as well as Oxford, PC luggage.