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Luggage lining made of polyester or cotton spandex fabric which is better

Jan 16, 2017

In today's era of rapid development, bags have become one of the essential tools of our times, which not only is our everyday objects loading tool, indispensable tool for our clothes match. Two more common in bags on the market today, diverse styles, materials are likely to do so, we used bags, bags lining made of polyester or cotton spandex fabric which is better?

Bags used in polyester and fabrics, bags under dry and wet conditions, flexibility and wear resistance are better, not easily deformed, and polyester/cotton lining is easy to clean, easy to do, and not easily ruffled. But drawbacks as well as bags used in polyester-cotton fabric, difficult to clean its easy absorption of oil, especially oil-filled with dust and polyester lining does not wash with a hot iron and boiling water.

Relative to the polyester-cotton fabrics, bags used in cotton spandex fabric not only abrasion resistance and excellent flexibility and moisture absorption is very strong, but Cotton spandex force more flexible. Because of the good Cotton spandex moisture absorption, so its relatively strong resistance to oily and waterproof, but bags used in cotton spandex fabric, light resistance and heat resistance of the poor, and is a long time exposure.