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Oxford bags five fabric variety

Jan 16, 2017

Daily use bags produced there are many kinds of materials and their different features and benefits. Oxford cloth luggage is very popular in our luggage fabrics, its strong, wear-resistant and waterproof are very good. Oxford fabric functional and is likely to do so, there to meet Oxford cloth luggage five varieties of fabrics.

One, Oxford: Oxford bags five varieties of fabrics of Oxford cloth is applied in water-jet loom plain weave fabric woven into, this fabric is lightweight, soft, good waterproofing, durability and so on.

Second, nylon Oxford: Oxford bags five varieties of fabrics of nylon Oxford fabric is a plain weave structure, formed by water-jet loom weaving, made into a bag with a soft, draping top, novel style, waterproof performance advantages.

Three, all bombs Oxford: Oxford cloth is the choice of dot bombs open organization on the water-jet loom weaving becomes. Delicate weave of this fabric, soft gloss, waterproof, good playing Oxford cloth luggage very fashionable.

Four, Oxford: the Oxford cloth fabric is used tissue texture, water jet (with mixer) loom woven into it. Oxford front Plaid highlights, grills and opposite with PU coating, waterproof and strong, drape better.