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Selected elements of the suitcase

Jan 16, 2017

1. when buying luggage, should buy appropriate sizes, fabric products according to individual needs. Hard case with high temperature, wear-resistant, impact resistant, waterproof, resistant to compression characteristics of hard shell material to protect the contents from the compression and impact, but the disadvantage is capacity fixed inside. Convenient soft box users can use more space, and most light weight and toughness, great-looking, more suitable for short trips.

2. travel bags in use is easily damaged rod, wheels and carrying handle, the purchase should focus on these areas. Consumers can pull without bending over as the standard select Rod length, with retractable lever repeatedly after dozens of times, Rod is still smooth, normal lever lock switch test lever on the basis of quality. View box wheel, can put the box down, the wheels left the ground, toggle wheel by hand to make it idle, wheels to be flexible, and wheel and axle coordination does not close tight, box walking wheel should choose rubber, low noise and wear-resistant. Plastic parts are, and generally good quality plastic has a certain toughness, low quality plastic hard, brittle and prone to fracture.

3. when buying travel cases, first pay attention to the zipper is smooth, perfect tooth, malposition, sewn stitch is straight, down should be consistent, no air, jump pins, corner, corner where there are jumper. Then depends on box, box is disabled (such as fabric warp weft wire, jump, split horses), lever, wheel, lock boxes and other accessories of the checks and purchasing travel the same way to the trunk.