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Jan 16, 2017

Suitcases are one kind of bag. Including bags, telescopic rod and end of luggage wheels, are widely used because of its ease of use.

Travel case has a long history. Only hold the clothing boxes, trunks, to different portable suitcase, trolley case, evolution on people's suitcases in hand.


1, the trunk divides according to the material may be divided into soft cloth box and hard case two (hard box includes ABS, PP and ABS+PC there are four pure PC material);

2, the trunk divides according to the structure can be divided into vertical travel Rod box and horizontal trunk two (vertical Rod box can be divided into four wheel and two-wheel);

3, suitcase-sized points can be divided into 13-inch trolley case, 16-inch trolley case, 20-inch, 18-inch suitcase suitcase, 24-inch, 22-inch suitcase suitcase, 26-inch suitcase, 28-inch suitcase, 32-inch, 30-inch suitcase trolley case.