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Travel luggage suitcase or travel bag easy

Jan 16, 2017

Luggage, travel is one of the required Kit, whether it is short or long trip, luggage, travel all played an important role in the process. Today, luggage, travel luggage and travel bags two categories, travel bag travel bag, trolley bags and travel bags three styles of travel. Travel, travel luggage suitcase or travel bag easy?

Travel bag, luggage is usually has a fixed volume, hard shell and heavy weight, therefore, travel, suitcase would be more trouble to use, and the action is not easy. Luggage capacity is much larger than the bags, and safe, when the journey so far and will require a lot of belongings, luggage bags and use. Conversely, bag work, summer trip, choose backpacking more comfortable and more convenient.

Travel luggage suitcase or travel bag easy and needs based on their personal journey need to decide. If travel is short and is short for, love of liberty bags recommended backpacking travel, it is more convenient, more comfortable, and more secure, and second, frees up both hands, travel free.