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Trolley luggage quality standards

Jan 16, 2017

(A) the suitcase wheels

Key firmly, 1, wheel quality is smooth, there is no noise, is there, and so on.

2, suitcase wheels classified as unidirectional wheels and caster in two ways:

(1) universal wheel: plug effort, looks better on slick pavement.

(2) one way round: can easily stayed, and is suitable for gravel roads in Europe, so stayed single wheel suitable for all types of surfaces.

(B) lever

1, Rod material consists of aluminum and aluminum alloy, alloy levers with more extensive, mainly its light weight, sturdy warp, rust, costs are higher, the rod material is the material most used on high-end luggage and. Pull the lever the whole plus the total length of the box is a one-meter 5cm, this range is integrated into ergonomically designed common international dimensions.

2, lever connections-box structure inner and outer tie rods, zipper in the built-in lever is pulled the boxes, can see the lever, this design elegant while the lever can be protected in a box, on the main external lever at the lower end of the market with more.

(C) combination lock

1, move the lock: heart with a pen or toothpick to resist the dots at the bottom, do not loose, with the other hand pull the password that you want to number, and after releasing the dots can be set up.

2, fixed type: loose keys locked password by hand, pull up don't let go, another of only the numbers you want, and then release that loose after number key to set up.