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Trolley suitcase

Jan 16, 2017

General of luggage box by material to points can is divided into soft of cloth box and hard box two species (hard of and can is divided into ABS of and PP two species), by structure can is divided into vertical of lever and cross type of suitcase two species, by size to points can is divided into (grew up of size to big of size): 18 inch of '20 inch '22 inch of '24 inch of '26 inch of '28 inch of '30 inch of this several.

Common 20-inch three side and added up to 115CM can carry on the plane's size and 28-inch three side and added up to 158CM free shipping standard size.

Many would choose to use real leather bag fabrics and leather is the most important quality. To identify the authenticity of leather, will learn the method of sensory evaluation, its essence is through touch, sight, bending, stretching and other methods to observe the characteristics of the leather.

Natural leather: thumb squeeze will have a fine grain, leather good full leather surfaces, good elasticity and wrinkled leather leather has a great article with poor if no fine lines, would not be a natural leather.

Goat: the patterns are arranged in wavy, thick and detailed than Sheepskin thick tight, light.

Yellow leather: grain detail, the pores are arranged in irregular spots.

Skin: surface patterns are usually three pores distribution, a rough surface, can be soft or hard.

Buffalo: the ox fur large, slightly rough skin fibers.

Sheep: the patterns are arranged in half moon, good flexibility, fur is dense, the epidermis is thin.