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Aluminum Bags Are Widely Used In Beauty Salons Industry

Jun 16, 2017

It is widely used in beauty salon, tool combination, jewelry watch, stage, instrument, instrumentation, electronics, communication, automation, sensor, and so on. It is widely used in beauty salon, Smart cards, industrial control, precision machinery and other industries, is the ideal box of high-end instrumentation.

Aluminum box surface material mining aluminum or imported ABS or PVS its skeleton is specially developed aluminum, coated with anti-oxidation coating, Aluminum Luggage it seems generous temperament, the box surface can choose different colors, then the fabric has changed. Panel with a wear-resistant sharp not easy to penetrate and other characteristics, the box lining the current domestic use of the best EVA and composite power back, it is a light wear, anti-oxidation, shock, moisture and other characteristics.

The surface of the box is made of metal aluminum or flame-retardant ABS material and aluminum frame structure, inside the shock-proof material, play a role in shock absorption, can effectively protect the product from damage. Our products are solid and beautiful corner of the packaging, Aluminum Luggage and can be installed rubber tire or caster, to meet the needs of different occasions, the products are factory-resistant anti-vibration anti-wear packaging. And can be customized according to customer specifications, with a variety of colors for customers to choose.

Aluminum luggage basic structure

A splint: competitive, some counterparts in order to reduce the use of box prices do not meet the design requirements of the material, such as 8mm instead of 9mm plywood, and even with some of the worse plate (MDF, Daixinban), such a box After the wet plate will swell, so that can not be normal use.

B aluminum: aluminum is also the thickness of the points, aluminum material is the skeleton of the box, the thickness of the cabinet in addition to the appearance of the appearance of beauty, the more important is in the box to withstand external impact when the box to maintain a solid. Aluminum must use the oxidation of aluminum processing, because there is no oxidation process of aluminum, Aluminum Luggage as long as the placement of a period of time will be natural oxidation, dull, a direct impact on the appearance of the box.

C hardware: the structure of hardware, the thickness of the material, a direct impact on the use of the box time, many manufacturers or users like to use nickel-plated hardware products, because the short look looks more beautiful, but the actual use of Nickel-plated products As long as the impact, the plating layer is very easy to break, after the damage will rust; and galvanized hardware products, although the appearance of ordinary, Aluminum Luggage but can automatically release the decomposition of protective layer, anti-damage ability, so as to achieve good anti-rust effect.

D shock layer: the high density of the paste (EVA plastic) and Zhenzhu Mian, the density of these two cotton, hardness and thickness of the object to determine the protection and shock degree; three parameters must be moderate, density, hardness Too high, will affect its shock effect; too low, easy to depression, affecting the service life.

F the last one is the most critical accessories is the wheels, Aluminum Luggage the wheels of many types, there are PVC wheel, PU wheel, load wheel, etc., and according to the wheel of other parameters such as single bearing, double bearing, single brake, double brake, steel thickening , Can withstand the high and low temperature, weight; price from a few to dozens of pieces of a range, the wheels directly determine the normal transport box, place and use the length of time.