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Aluminum Bags Meet The Use Requirements

Aug 29, 2017

Aluminum case box with high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, with a strong structure, beautiful appearance, easy to use and other characteristics, widely used in beauty salons, tool combinations, jewelry watches, stage, instrumentation, instrumentation, electronics, communications, automation, sensors, smart cards, industrial control, precision machinery and other industries, is the ideal box for high-grade instrumentation.

In the history of luggage development, the composition of materials is always the theme of replacement, from the original natural material to modern technology synthesis processing, Aluminum Luggage until the development of today's Acer shun aluminum bags, then compared to other materials of luggage, Acer shun aluminum bags have what advantages?

Advantage One: The material is lighter and firmer

Aluminum bags are aluminum alloy materials, relative to the traditional wood materials, woven materials, plastic materials more advantages. Aluminum Luggage In the quality and density of aluminum is at present the least density, texture lightsome, in the normal appearance of silver. At the same time with other metal processing more robust and better performance

Advantage Two: the appearance of fashion texture stronger

In appearance, the plasticity of aluminum is very strong, because the melting point of metal aluminum is relatively low, this feature can let the macro shun aluminum luggage processing, Aluminum Luggage become more convenient and design more flexible, completely in accordance with the design of forging.

Advantage Three: The design completely conforms to the usage request

Aluminum bags are designed according to different use requirements for different groups of aluminum bags, in particular, business people in the security and texture has a very high requirements, Aluminum Luggage so the designer in the consideration of security, the perfect combination of contemporary fashion trends, outside the plating on a layer of tungsten gold, so that the aluminum bags more high-end and calm.

For any a products, its successful development and promotion have a certain market model. For aluminum bags, its great success in today's market, Aluminum Luggage not only due to the excellent performance of the aluminum bag itself, but also due to its unique market development model.

Aluminum bags is the current domestic market visibility is higher, but also by the comparison by consumers recognized an aluminum luggage brand. As the leading aluminum luggage industry development of well-known brands, aluminum bags in the 18 years of continuous development has developed a unique characteristics of the successful development of the road. On the one hand, aluminum bags focus on the development of representative products. Aluminum Luggage Over the past more than 10 years, aluminum bags, aluminum bags, aluminum alloy rod box, aluminum alloy air box and aluminum alloy boxes, such as the representative of the product in the market occupies a considerable share, for the development of aluminum bags opened the market.