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Aluminum Frame With Zipper PC Trolley Case Which Is Better

Jan 16, 2017

Trolley case served as a more and more important role in our daily lives, not only can bulk load objects, can also make travel more convenient and easy for us. And among the most popular trolley belong to non-PC, which not only has a distinctive appearance, texture and light. That purchase, aluminium frame with zipper PC trolley case which is better?

In today's market, zippered PC trolley case is more common, compared to the aluminum frame, trolley, is relatively light, the price is more affordable, but also fell, but zip trolley case compared with the aluminum frame, trolley, less pressure, not as beautiful as aluminum frame and appearance.

Aluminum trolley case has not only resistant to pressure and impact, and the aluminum box trolley more popular than zip trolley case, more atmosphere and appearance, strong, especially color box trolley. Relative to the zip trolley case, aluminum frame, trolley cases prices are slightly higher, and aluminum frame is a metal material, relative to the size of the zipper luggage heavier.

Aluminum frame and zipper PC trolley case which is better this problem while starting from the basic judgment on the advantages and disadvantages, but the final decision is the personality preferences.