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Baggage On The Plane, Subject To X-ray Inspection

Baggage means items that are carried by passengers on their journeys for wearing, use, convenience and comfort, including checked and unpaid luggage. Please use appropriate, Luggage sturdy suitcases to pack your luggage and make sure that it will not be damaged or cause damage to the contents during normal delivery. In order to avoid baggage handling personnel and inconvenience in arriving at certain airports, it is advisable that you will not have more than 23 kg (50 lb) of individual checked baggage. Otherwise, you may need to pack baggage or excess baggage. If the individual baggage is more than 32 kg (70 lb) or more, please have to be shipped and checked. For more than 32 kilograms or more special items such as medical equipment, pets, musical instruments, sports equipment, Luggage photographic equipment and household goods, please contact us at least 24 hours prior to departure, Accept the consignment and remind you that the company reserves the right to refuse to carry overweight or oversized items. The weight of the baggage weight refers to the weight of the individual items, which does not affect the original baggage allowance or overweight costs. Upon completion of the zoning procedure, the ground crew will hang the luggage on your luggage; remind you to re-confirm that the destination on the luggage line matches your flight schedule and the number and number of checked baggage receipts are checked with your checked baggage Consistent.

All luggage must be checked by X-ray safety. X-ray safety check may be done before or after you have completed the check-in. If the baggage X-ray check is made before the check-in procedure, the passenger will be asked to wait until the baggage passes through the security check. Luggage If the passenger can not Checkpoint, baggage may be opened for inspection or rejected. It is advisable to place your name and contact information in the luggage before the baggage and hang the luggage name to identify it. If the baggage is lost, you will assist the airline in retrieving your baggage. Evergreen Airways' Registration Counter is also available for luggage. For cartons in cartons and shopping bags, passengers will be responsible for the loss and damage of contents. Luggage In accordance with the provisions of Article 105 of the Civil Aviation Act, do not spread the information that is harmful to the safety of flight, so as to avoid the inconvenience caused by the tactics.

In addition to the trunk do not place fragile, valuables, important documents, drugs, keys and other items. The airline will not be liable for the loss, delay, damage and related loss of certain items. The liability, damage, and delay of any of the following items contained in the baggage shall be limited by liability in accordance with the applicable international aviation regulations: unpaid checked baggage or hand luggage, placed on checked baggage or portable Baggage, perishable goods, perishables, jewelery, precious ore, silverware, negotiable instruments, securities, passports and their identity documents or other items that are not suitable for consignments such as cameras, mobile phones, video recorders, electronic Products, audio and video products, photographic equipment, photography, jewelry, watches, cash, money, computer and its related peripheral products, business letter letters, contracts, classical books, antiques, keys, fur, medical supplies, drugs, optical supplies, And other items. Even if Evergreen accepts baggage containing the above items, the air will not be able to accept claims or to be liable for limited liability. Luggage In addition, please refer to this inquiry for other service charges of the Company, such as travel alone, stretcher needs, oxygen demand, detailed baggage requirements.

Baggage delivery process

Before you leave the counter, please make sure that the following is completed and your customs clearance is in progress:

The correct number of checked baggage receipts.

The baggage is properly shipped to your destination.

The baggage has passed the security check (most of the airports will require passengers to confirm that the baggage is left by X-ray inspection, such as the airport in Taiwan).

If you do not complete the security procedures in accordance with the regulations, the airline reserves the right to search your luggage or refuse to transport. At most of the waypoints, the baggage will be scanned by the bar code reader of the automatic transport equipment, transported to the different tracks and operating platform, and then the operator will be placed in the luggage container or cargo hold. In order to effectively use the limited space, your luggage will inevitably be stacked, or in the flight occurred in the extrusion or dumping; in order to avoid accidental damage to your luggage, do not use the appearance of protruding, complicated, too Light, poor density of the trunk, and in the consignment before the stalls, hooks and other ancillary items away.

Receive luggage

Baggage delivery will be based on the priority of the bag and place the location of a slight difference, the general operating time is about 20-60 minutes, please be patient and you can tell your friends and relatives. If the current generic luggage label is quite similar or even identical, please check the baggage in your hand once again with the receipt on the receipt to avoid trouble with other passengers (Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Songshan International Airport passenger baggage clearance instructions (to open a new window).