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Bags In The DuPont Fabric With Your Strengths

Jan 16, 2017

Must-have bags, all kinds of styles, or only in order to meet the needs of work, or just to suit your needs, making bags is also a wide range of materials, or functional requirements, or for cosmetic effect. More common on the market and luggage fabric nylon, Oxford cloth, PC, ABS, leather, artificial leather, bags in the DuPont fabric with your strengths?

DuPont fiber fabrics belong to four pipeline material, this material there are many kinds of fabrics, is known for their functionality. More famous is a DuPont fabric called CoolMax (Thira) and quick-drying fabric, the fabric for the cotton, quick-drying speeds of 5 to 10 times faster, mainly due to its fabric is different from the General fabric, and DuPont lighter than cotton fabric weight.

Making into bags of du State fabric in the, also will exists some compared waterproof, and breathable, and warm, and quality light, function sex of material type, and General bags in the of du State fabric will has soft sex, and durability, and long time using also not color, advantages, and its itself Dan Nepal, coefficient and nylon of, and Oxford cloth similar, its Dan Nepal, coefficient more high, fabric lines more clear, and strong degrees more strong.