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Bags Of PU And PVC Coated Fabric Which Distinguishes

Jan 16, 2017

Coated fabric is a specially treated, makes the fabric surface to form a layer of cover material, so that the fabric is waterproof, windproof and other characteristics of the fabric. Bags coated fabric on the market very much, such as PA, PU coating, PVC coating, PE coating, then bags of PU and PVC coated fabric what difference does it make?

Bag PU PU polyurethane coated respectively in white plastic coated with PU coated silver in two ways. Basic properties of PU coated silver or white glue with PA coating similar to the PU coated silver or white plastic feel more full, more elastic fabric, good colour fastness, and silver PU adhesive coating can withstand high pressure and PU coating is breathable, ventilated, wear and so on, but the high cost and poor weather.

Compared with PU coating, PVC coating on the backing fabric is thinner, and cheaper, but PVC coating films are not only toxic, but also easy to aging, and more importantly feel no PU coating PVC coating is good, and fabric is still relatively hard, if fire, smell of PVC coated fabrics is much larger than the PU coated fabrics.