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Board The Material And Workmanship

Jun 05, 2017

Aircraft is a symbol of travel speed, because of its limited capacity and other factors, it can carry the weight is limited, so personal luggage is also limited. Domestic airlines and foreign airlines on the baggage requirements are different, but much the same. Let's take a look at the requirements of the domestic airline.

Checked the boarding luggage bag and other packaging to be intact, Boarding Suitcase and can withstand a little pressure in the normal handling of the conditions without any problems. Boarding suitcases, suitcases and handbags, etc. to their own good lock, not for the sake of simple and two items packaged together, according to the requirements of bundled, and do not carry attachments items. There must be a detailed contact with the passenger inside the baggage. Check the baggage of the box weight and volume also have strict requirements, not more than 45 kg and the circumference can not exceed 200 cm. While the minimum weight is greater than 2KG, length and width were 30cm, 10cm, 20cm, too small can not be checked as luggage. The standard size of the board is now 20 inches.

There are some important personal items can not be checked as baggage, such as securities, jewelry, currency, antique calligraphy and painting, all kinds of documents, etc. Boarding Suitcase If it is not in accordance with the provisions of private baggage in the baggage, any problems the airlines are in accordance with the general problem deal with. So this should weigh yourself good.

Boarding box selection

Now more and more people like to give yourself a holiday, travel alone. And on the way the total can not be separated from the board, it is loaded with the items we need, but also a good companion to travel. So, you know how to board the election, to pay attention to what matters?

About size

1, boarding machine definition: boarding box is designed specifically for the plane travel suitcase. Air baggage is divided into checked baggage, baggage (also called hand luggage) and carry items, Boarding Suitcase boarding box specifically refers to the second (from Baidu Encyclopedia).

2, boarding box size: in general, 20-inch can be the same, although so to say, but different airlines are different, especially now the standard changed to change, or suggested that before the plane asked the next airline Check the board size standard bar.



The board is generally divided into soft and hard boxes. Generally if you need to check, I will choose the soft box, but the boarding box, generally more popular are hard boxes, so I mainly introduced under the hard material:

 1, PC-Polycarbonate-polycarbonate: PC material is also selected as the main material of the aircraft cabin cover, it's light to solve the weight problem, Boarding Suitcase toughness to enhance the aircraft impact resistance. However, compared with the hardness of metal, easy to scratch.

2, ABS-Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene - synthetic resin: electrical insulation is good, and almost free from temperature, humidity and frequency, can be used in most environments. However, this material crack resistance than the PC poor.

3, PP-Polypropylene-polypropylene: good mechanical properties, in addition to impact resistance, the other mechanical properties than polyethylene, Boarding Suitcase forming processing performance. The disadvantage is poor cold resistance products, low temperature impact strength is low.

4, aluminum-magnesium alloy: aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum solid quality, low density, better heat dissipation, strong compressive strength, can fully meet the 3C product highly integrated, thin, miniature, anti-crash and electromagnetic shielding And the requirements of heat dissipation. The only drawback is heavy!

About work

1, zipper: seen a lot of zipper burst open, luggage scattered a scene, sad to vomiting. General test zipper work well, you can repeatedly pull several times, relatively smooth, Boarding Suitcase will not easily grip the fabric, that zipper work is also good.

2, the rod: the selection of the bar must be selected to adjust the height, that is, to have a lock button, so up and down the stairs when you can adjust some of the direct pull up the pole downstairs.

3, the wheels: the so-called elegant wheels, it must be a caster, ah, with their predecessors summed up the experience: "pulley sound the smaller the better, the greater the better the wheel diameter."

4, lock: lock is divided into the password lock and the traditional customs lock two, and now basically the customs lock standard, and do not go abroad there is a password lock is enough, go abroad, then there is a need, the customs have the right to check the box, Lock, then the customs will have a special key, out of the box check.