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Common Material And Characteristics Of Boarding Box

Aug 07, 2017

The Check-in box is a suitcase specially designed for aircraft travel. Air baggage is divided into checked baggage, self-care baggage (also called hand baggage) and carry-on items, the Check-in box is specifically the second kind (from Baidu Encyclopedia).

According to the size of the Check-in box recommended by IATA (International Air Transport Association), the size of the three sides of the check-in box is not more than 115CM. And most of the airlines on the planet are the same, 20-inch suitcases are 34x50x500px, add up 2600px, Boarding Suitcase can be directly on the plane, a lot of 22-inch can also boarding, but generally is business class, first class allows, economy class may dangerous, in order to avoid trouble, or choose 20 inch and below will be more insurance.

The Check-in box, also known as a suitcase and trolley, is one of the types of baggage that is carried when you go out to place items. Usually the Check-in box is used to place the necessary clothing, Boarding Suitcase personal care items and souvenirs on the journey. The boarding box can generally be divided into two categories: the Soft box and the hard box. Soft box materials are generally canvas, nylon, EVA, leather and so on, the advantages of light quality, toughness, appearance is exquisite, but its waterproof, compressive, impact resistance is not as hard as the box, so it is more suitable for short-distance travel, or as a carry-on check-in box is also a good choice. Hard box is the box material Hard Rod box, the current market common hard box material has abs, PP, PC, thermoplastic composite materials, hard box has high temperature, wear resistance, impact, waterproof, Boarding Suitcase compressive characteristics, so hard box is more suitable for long-distance travel use. 】

Common material and characteristics of boarding box

1 Oxford cloth: A kind of nylon, the advantage is wear-resisting, practical, the disadvantage is this kind of material and style, in the airport is not good to distinguish baggage, and more heavy, but when the consignment is not worried about the box will bring harm, with a few years or the same, compared to the ABS material used for a period of time, the surface wear will be very obvious.

2pu skin: Is the artificial leather pu material, this kind of box advantage and Cowhide's very like, appears upscale, but is not like the suitcase to be afraid of the water, Boarding Suitcase the disadvantage is not wear-resisting, is not very strong, but the price is low.

3 canvas: The biggest advantage of canvas is wear-resisting, and the disadvantage is that the impact performance is not as good as Oxford cloth, canvas material is very uniform, but this kind of material box is rare.

4PVC: That is, everyone said the hard box, anti-fall, waterproof, impact resistance, wear-resistant, stylish, more substantial than ABS, is the most substantial box, smooth surface, good-looking, and not because of rough handling worry scratches. The biggest drawback is sinking, naked bare box nearly 20 kilograms, many airlines limit luggage in 20 kilograms, that is, the box weight accounted for half, very inconvenient.

5 cowhide: In general, cowhide rod box material is the most expensive, afraid of water, afraid of grinding, afraid of pressure, afraid of rowing.

6ABS: This is a relatively new type of material, Boarding Suitcase the main feature is lighter than other materials, the surface is relatively flexible, rigid, impact resistance is good, although the soft feeling is not strong, but the actual is very flexible, and cleaning is more convenient, Boarding Suitcase the disadvantage is easy to scratch, but with a box set will be a good solution to this problem.

7PC: PC is polycarbonate plastic, which is our common space cup and bucket of water bucket material, Boarding Suitcase it is a good performance of engineering plastics, is the most substantial box, smooth surface, good-looking, the biggest feature is "light." It is now the most common market, the most popular hard box, has the fall, impact resistance, waterproof, wear-