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Hard And Soft Luggage Which Is Better

Jan 16, 2017

Near the end, the major companies are busy preparing for their employees year-end gifts, and now the vast majority of businesses are selected at the end of personalized bags as gifts to distribute benefits, first luggage is more practical, and second bags will not only motivate staff enthusiasm, but also plays an advocacy role for the enterprise. Custom gift bags at the end, hard and soft luggage which one is better?

Generally refers to the use of plastic bags, rigid material produced bags, and plastic bags are generally PC, ABS, EVA, etc. Hard bags generally have good moisture-proof, waterproof and abrasion resistance, and hard luggage can also withstand the pressure and impact, better protection. But the hard luggage space is fixed and hard box after a certain number of years of use, prone to aging.

Soft bags are generally made by fabric or leather materials. Compared with the hard luggage, soft luggage to withstand shock and pressure, as well as weaker on the waterproof, soft luggage is smaller and lighter, but also have a certain degree of flexibility can in some cases increase luggage capacity. Therefore, custom soft end of year gift bags are also a good choice.