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Luggage Use Plastic Or Metal Good

Jan 16, 2017

Suitcase is the must-have device of bulk goods in our daily lives, is the bulk of our daily travel quite frequently used in one of the bags. Made into a travel case material plastic, fabric, leather and metal categories, and want a high quality custom bags, travel boxes using plastic or metal is good?

Plastic suitcase on the market today by the public's favorite, is now one of the more popular luggage materials. Made into a suitcase there are many kinds of plastic material, for example, PP, PC, ABS, etc. Plastic travel case is the most popular PC material, because PC material not only has the characteristics of light weight, and has excellent waterproof and abrasion resistance and elasticity, under high compression and impact, and so on.

And selection metal making into of travel box, General will selection aluminum material, because aluminum is common of metal in the quality most light of a, but if using pure aluminum making into travel box words, box compared soft, easy deformation, so making travel box of metal General is using aluminum magnesium alloy, its material has good of thermal, and anti-pressure anti-fell performance,, and aluminum magnesium alloy travel box can lasting durable, not exists aging phenomenon.