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Maximum Size Of Boarding Machine

Jul 13, 2017

The boarding box is a box designed specifically for boarders to carry passenger luggage. Usually said that carrying items is specifically refers to the landing box. By plane we all know that luggage is a certain standard size. Boarding machine is no exception, but also the standard. Board size is generally divided into 18,20,22,24,26,28,30 inch of these.

So how much is the standard size of the board? According to IATA (International Air Transport Association) recommended boarding box size, Boarding Suitcase the provisions of the three sides of the board and the size of not more than 115CM. However, different airlines are also different, because the airline's size standards have been changing, it is recommended that you take the plane before you can inquire about the airline's specific boarding board size standards.

Maximum size of boarding machine

1 take the domestic flight: the passenger's total weight of the baggage should not exceed 5 kg, the volume of each baggage does not exceed 20 × 40 × 55 cm (depending on the requirements of the airlines may be different). The baggage can be carried by the passenger at the scene, and if the baggage of the passenger can be placed in the standard basket, the baggage can be carried with you, Boarding Suitcase otherwise it needs to be checked.

2 take international flights: usually, the total weight of hand baggage should not exceed 7 kg, each baggage volume does not exceed 20 × 40 × 55 cm (three sides and not more than 115 cm). Passengers traveling by Mega route can only carry one hand baggage with you. (Some airlines have special weight restrictions, please pay attention to the ticket on the ticket, or to the airline consultation.)

Board size requirements are also a certain standard. Boarding Suitcase We through the IATA, that is, the International Air Transport Association recommended information, that board the size of the trumpet size and can not be more than 115CM can. It is noteworthy that the size of the provisions of the different airlines are constantly changing the standard, so before the opportunity is still recommended to check the corresponding airlines, so that time from time to time.

For domestic flights, the passenger luggage corresponding to the total weight is also a certain standard. Generally not more than 5 kg, the corresponding size is not more than 20 × 40 × 55 cm. In some of the security scene, there are luggage baskets for passengers to test, once the corresponding passenger baggage can be put into the standard basket, then the baggage can carry carry, otherwise it needs to be checked.

For international flights, the general hand baggage is always less than 7 kg, Boarding Suitcase the corresponding size of each bag is less than 20 × 40 × 55 cm this size.