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Method Of Making Printed Fabric Bags

Jan 16, 2017

Print fabric is a textile with a printed pattern, its production method is to print patterns printed on the fabric, but because of the different printing materials and processes, made it into printed bags pattern result will vary. Exquisitely printed series of bags, what are the method of making printed fabric bags?

1, ink: ink print fabric bags of the surface is very smooth, and the brighter the color, but feel quite hard, this method of making printed fabric bags tend to be more suitable on the not absorption of coated fabric.

2, pulling prints: printed fabric bags pulled in printed fabric feels softer, but the luster Dim, a sense of retro, this printing printing methods and dark-colored knit fabric.

3, plate printing: printing plate surface of fabric bags have a raised effect, this approach is suitable for most fabrics, but the production process is quite complex.

4, foam printing: foam printing is similar to plate printing, but relative to the plate square raised prints, foam printing pattern effect was raised arc.