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Oxford Cloth Luggage PU And PVC Coating Which Is The Difference

Jan 16, 2017

Oxford is one of the more commonly used fabrics in the fabric bags, and coated Oxford fabric is refers to Oxford after a special coating and water repellent treated fabric, this kind of material with good waterproof, easy to take care of, and more versatile. Common Oxford cloth coated main PU and PVC bags two categories, then custom Oxford cloth luggage, PU and PVC coating is what difference does it make?

At home in Oxford cloth coated fabric bags, PU and PVC synthetic leather is recognized by people who belongs to a kind of PVC, but in fact the two coated fabric production process, there are several different points. In thickness, for example, Oxford bags, PU fabric at the bottom are thicker than PVC, and their production process is also better.

In terms of feel, Oxford cloth luggage than PU-coated hard PVC coated fabric, in particular in the case of low temperature PVC coated fabric will harden, PU coated fabrics do not. Compare in terms of performance, PU relative to PVC, flexibility and better, more winding resistance and breathability, and PU coated fabrics with the tensile properties of mild.

Oxford cloth luggage PU mainly lies in the difference between fabric with PVC coating thickness, texture, and performance, then customize a higher quality Oxford cloth luggage, apart from fabric choice, manufacturers select is also very important.