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PC Luggage Box Looks More Stylish

Aug 29, 2017

The PC suitcase is the strongest material in the rod box. PC is a new type of plastic steel resin with excellent performance, excellent ductility, dimensional stability and chemical corrosion resistance, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance, PC Luggage also has the advantage of coloring and so on, so the PC luggage box color bright, intensity can also meet the bullet-proof clothing and aircraft high pressure, high impact requirements, PC Luggage so whether it is the pressure or beat, as long as you do not try to cut him with a knife, it is long enough.

PC: Also known as "polycarbonate" (polycarbonate), the advantages: light weight, heat resistance, wear resistance, toughness and other characteristics, PC to impact the most prominent performance, PC Luggage toughness is high, so the PC box can withstand the transport of the squeeze, collision, and even trample. PC material is also chosen as the astronaut helmet mask, aircraft cabin cover of the main material, PC Luggage it's light to solve the weight problem, toughness to enhance the impact of aircraft performance. Disadvantage: PC cost is very high, pure PC's trolley box, the price is above 800RMB.

PC luggage in carrying and transportation, the most need to pay attention to the point is "weight" and "impact", who do not want to pull heavy boxes to travel, PC material box features is "Light"! PC impact resistance than ABS high $number, ABS rod box after the impact, the box will appear creases or even directly burst, and PC box after the shock, the dent can gradually rebound to restore to the prototype, so good hard travel box is pure PC material.

With the improvement of people's living standards, PC Luggage everyone's requirements for the quality of life more and more high, the advantages of PC luggage is obvious, so most people are willing to buy a more cost-effective, more stylish appearance of the pure PC luggage box.