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PC Luggage Box With Heat And Cold Resistance

Oct 16, 2017

The PC suitcase market has been booming for nearly a while, the trolley box is not just a traveler's consumer goods, according to domestic data, PC luggage consumption has been from the beginning of the 2008, the consumption pattern has slowly from the festival before and after regular periodic consumption to day-to-day consumption, then, how to buy their favorite, What about sturdy, durable trolley boxes?

The PC suitcase is divided into the soft box and the hard box according to the material, the inside of the hard box is generally divided into aluminum box and zipper box.

The soft box is usually made of Oxford cloth, polyester, canvas and so on, because it is cloth material, so it is generally lighter. Soft Case box has a lot of bags before and after, PC Luggage so that the soft box has a variety of functions, large capacity advantages. However, the waterproof performance of the soft box is generally not very good; hard boxes are generally made of pet, PC, abs+pc and other materials, the general color gorgeous, beautiful appearance, impact resistance, can be very good to protect the luggage in the box.

A PC suitcase accessories often determine the service life of the trolley, a good rod box, accessories are very important.

Rod: The material of the rod is usually aluminum alloy, steel, PC Luggage structure has a sectional type, two-section, three-section. Two-section, three-section, refers to the rod can be adjusted according to the weight of the box to adjust the length. When choosing, the lever must choose built-in and steel or whole aluminum, the whole aluminum is lighter and solid, otherwise can't afford the brutal loading and unloading, in addition, PC Luggage look at the other configuration of the trolley box, such as whether the button setting is humane, the pull rod is smooth, etc.

Advantages of PC Luggage box

1: PC Luggage box lightest and thinnest material, but has the most flexible toughness and the most resistant to impact resistance characteristics.

2: Good heat and cold resistance:

3: When traveling to encounter rain, also no problem, waterproof, oil control are characteristics.

4: The color is bright and fashionable and unique, absolutely lets you be admired in the traveling eye around.

5: Easy to clean, wipe with a damp cloth clean it

6: But because the PC material processing technology is complex, the technology high-end, now domestic cannot produce, completely depend on German import, so so far the material is still more expensive

7: PC is a new type of plastic resin with excellent comprehensive performance, with excellent ductility, dimensional stability and chemical corrosion resistance, high strength, PC Luggage heat resistance and cold resistance, but also has the advantages of coloring, so the PC luggage box is most beautiful color, the strength can also meet the bullet-proof clothing and aircraft high pressure, high impact requirements, So whether it's stress or beating, as long as you don't try to pierce him with a knife, it's long enough.

8: PC Luggage box is a new type of imported original material, with pressure resistance, fall resistance, light, waterproof, bright and easy to clean characteristics, quickly get Japan, PC Luggage European and American people's favorite, has become the most popular travel box material.

9: The introduction of PC material, so that the strength and toughness of the box has been strengthened, and weight lightweight, so that the quality of the PC luggage box has been upgraded, PC Luggage into a new era of revolutionizing. Anti-pressure, fall-resistant, lightweight, waterproof, bright and clean.