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PC Luggage Box With High Toughness

Aug 07, 2017

PC, a wide range of application industry in various fields, including as the rod box high-end material, PC material rod Box has a slam, waterproof, impact resistance, wear-resistant, PC Luggage fashion and so on, can be said to be much stronger than the PC material rod box, is the most substantial material in the luggage box, and the surface smooth, good-looking, do not worry about rough handling of scratches, not scratches, even if the scrape is not obvious.

PC Suitcase Appearance: PC Luggage box appearance color bright, high gloss. Such characteristics are derived from their own material effects, PC Luggage so that it produces a shiny surface and eye-catching color.

PC Luggage Weight: PC Luggage Box material is not mixed with other materials, and is the traditional version of ABS material, PC luggage lighter, high toughness.

PC Luggage Box "not wear-resistant": PC Luggage box belongs to the Hard Rod box, and the Hard rod box wear-resistant, but PC luggage can be generous face. PC suitcase in the face of scratches, PC Luggage although there are traces, but no matter how long the scratches, the color of the scratches and the color of the box is consistent.

Note: Select the PC suitcase to remember these points, to prevent being deceived, especially in the large supermarket square of those trolley box stall more to note that the general PC suitcase, 20 inches of about 250 (excluding the other trolley box configuration).

The PC suitcase is the strongest material in the luggage compartment. PC is a new type of plastic steel resin with excellent performance, excellent ductility, dimensional stability and chemical corrosion resistance, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance, also has the advantage of coloring and so on, PC Luggage so the PC trolley box most colors bright, the strength can also meet the bullet-proof clothing and aircraft high pressure, high impact requirements, so whether it is the pressure or beat, as long as you do not try to cut him with a knife, it is long enough.