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PC Luggage Box With Waterproof And Wear-resistant Advantages

PC is a kind of new polymer resin material with good comprehensive performance, its general has strong high temperature and low cold, waterproof wear-resisting and elasticity and so on, can withstand high-intensity impact and squeeze. Compared with other plastic materials, PC material density is relatively high, without the need to meet with other plastic material thickness will have the same hardness, so the PC suitcase lighter.

PC luggage is generally a new type of imported raw materials, it is directly refined by petroleum polymers, so relative to some recycled plastic materials, more smooth and beautiful, and more flexible, PC Luggage can withstand a stronger impact and squeeze strength.

PC Luggage box is waterproof and wear-resistant, easy to clean, high temperature and low cold, impact-resistant extrusion and other advantages

The PC suitcase market has been booming in recent times, and the trolley has not only been a consumer of travellers, according to domestic data, PC luggage consumption has been from the beginning of the 2008, PC Luggage consumption patterns have slowly shifted from the timing of regular consumption to the day-to-day consumption, then, how to buy their favorite, strong and durable rod box?

The material of the trolley box

The PC suitcase is divided into the soft box and the hard box according to the material, the inside of the hard box is generally divided into aluminum box and zipper box.

The soft box is usually made of Oxford cloth, polyester, canvas and so on, because it is cloth material, so it is generally lighter. Soft Case box has a lot of bags before and after, PC Luggage so that the soft box has a variety of functions, large capacity advantages. However, the waterproof performance of the soft box is generally not very good; hard boxes are generally made of pet, PC, abs+pc and other materials, the general color gorgeous, PC Luggage beautiful appearance, impact resistance, can be very good to protect the luggage in the box.

Second, the accessories of the trolley box

A PC suitcase accessories often determine the service life of the trolley, a good rod box, accessories are very important.

Rod: The material of the rod is usually aluminum alloy, steel, structure has a sectional type, two-section, three-section. Two-section, three-section, refers to the rod can be adjusted according to the weight of the box to adjust the length. When choosing, PC Luggage the lever must choose built-in and steel or whole aluminum, the whole aluminum is lighter and solid, otherwise can't afford the brutal loading and unloading, in addition, look at the other configuration of the trolley box, such as whether the button setting is humane, the pull rod is smooth, etc.

Third, the purchase of PC Luggage Box FAQ

Is it normal to shake the lever? The lever is shaking very normally--the spring button connecting the tie rod with the lever, the big lever tube sets the small lever tube, PC Luggage the middle nature must have the space, otherwise two of the tie rod contact too tight pulls out. There is a plastic ring in the built-in tie rod and spring connection, which also acts as a stabilizing force. So it's normal that the lever is shaking in a certain range.