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PC Suitcase Beautiful Upscale

Jun 16, 2017

PC luggage main features are light, the surface is more flexible, rigid, although feeling soft feeling is not strong, but in fact very flexible, the average adult standing above no problem, cleaning more convenient.

Full PC material, polycarbonate, drawing texture, streamlined shape, beautiful high-grade; ultra-light, than the average ABS + PC material more tough and lightweight, PC Luggage compressive ability is even better, even if a person is no problem.

= Development of the design, 20-inch because it is boarding, so no expansion layer.

= Handle: Top and side are, 20-inch side without handle.

==== 4. Standard aluminum-magnesium alloy rod, button pop-up.

==== 5. Standard Caster + TSA Customs Password Lock.

==== 6. Internal design of a number of partitions and net bags, PC Luggage can be easily sorted baggage items.

PC suitcase maintenance

1. Vertical suitcase should be placed upright, do not pressure above things.

2. The shipping stickers on the suitcase should be removed as soon as possible.

3. When not in use, use a plastic bag to set up the suitcase, so as not to dust. After the accumulation of dust if the surface layer of fiber, PC Luggage the future will be difficult to clean up.

4. Depending on the material to determine the cleaning method: ABS and PP material if the dirty box, you can use a wet wipes dip neutral detergent to wipe, PC Luggage and soon you can remove the dirt.