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PC Suitcase Has Hardy Performance

Sep 19, 2017

The PC suitcase is one of the hard trolley boxes, and he is the most pure and durable of the Hard Rod box, where the pure quality is the Hundred percent pure PC, so how to verify that the trolley box is hundred percent PC luggage box?

1. PC Suitcase appearance

PC Luggage box has a bright color and high gloss. Such characteristics are derived from their own material effects, PC Luggage so that it produces a shiny surface and eye-catching color.

2. PC Trunk Weight

PC suitcase material is not mixed with other materials, and is the replacement of traditional ABS materials, the "hard, heavy, crisp" abs, its PC luggage lighter, more resilient.

3. PC Luggage Box "not wear-resistant"

PC Luggage Box belongs to the Hard Rod box, and the biggest drawback of the hard box is not wear-resisting, but the PC suitcase can be generous to face, because he is different from his box. PC luggage in the face of scratches, although there are traces, PC Luggage but no matter how much of the scratches are long, the color and the color of the box is consistent, which is his price on the high and other box reasons.

How can such a good rod box let us let go, and to choose the PC suitcase to remember these points, to prevent being deceived, especially in the large supermarket square of those trolley box stall more to note that the General pc luggage box, 20 inches of about 250 (not including the other trolley box configuration). If you are the company want to choose PC luggage as a business gift/member gift, PC Luggage you can choose luggage customization, personalized customization, the price is superior.

Advantages of PC Luggage box

1. When traveling, it is not a problem, waterproof, oil-proof is characteristic.

2. Lightest and thinnest material, PC Luggage but has the most flexible toughness and the most resistance to the impact of the resistance.

3. Heat and cold resistance of good performance.

4. Color bright and stylish and unique, PC Luggage absolutely let you in the journey by the envy of the eye around Oh.

5. Very good cleaning, with a damp cloth wipe wipe clean ~

PC suitcase is a new type of resin with excellent comprehensive properties (name: Polycarbonate)