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PC Suitcase Has The Advantage Of Impact Resistance

Jul 13, 2017

PC luggage box is related to anti-drop, waterproof, impact resistance, wear, fashion and so on, it can be said that the material than the bar bar material is very strong, is the most solid material in the trolley case, PC Luggage and the surface is smooth, nice, do not worry about barbarism Handling fear scratches, will not scratch, even if the scratch is not obvious.

PC suitcase features

ABS trolley box heavy, by the impact, the box will appear crease even burst, although cheap but not recommended!

ABS + PC: ABS and PC mixture, as PC compression, as PC light, the appearance will not be as good as PC!

PC is selected as the main material of the aircraft cabin cover! PC pull box light, easy to travel; received the impact, the depression can be restored to the prototype, PC Luggage even if the shipment is not afraid of the box was pressed

PC luggage for the PC material method:

Pure PC suitcase appearance: pure PC luggage appearance bright colors, high gloss. This feature is derived from the material effect, let it produce glossy surface and eye-catching colors.

Pure PC luggage weight: pure PC luggage box material is not mixed with other materials, but also the replacement of traditional ABS material version, pure PC luggage lighter, high toughness.

Pure PC suitcase "not wear": pure PC luggage box is a hard trolley case, and the hard drawer is the biggest drawback is not wearable, but pure PC suitcase can be a big side. PC Luggage Pure PC luggage in the face of scratches, although there are traces, but no matter how long the scratches, scratches the color and the color of the box are the same.

Note: choose pure PC suitcase to remember these points, to prevent deceived, especially in the large supermarket square on those trolley box stall to pay more attention to the general pure PC suitcase, 20 inches about 250 or so (excluding Other trolley case configuration).