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PC Suitcase With Impact Resistance

Jul 03, 2017

PC: also known as "Polycarbonate" (Polycarbonate), advantages: light, heat, wear, tough impact resistance and other characteristics, PC to the most prominent impact resistance, toughness is high, so PC box can bear the transport In the extrusion, collision, and even stampede. PC material is also selected as the astronaut helmet mask, the main material of the aircraft cabin cover, its light to solve the weight problem, PC Luggage toughness to enhance the aircraft impact resistance.

PC luggage in the transport and transport, the most need to pay attention to is the "weight" and "shock", who do not want to take a heavy box to travel, PC material box is characterized by "light"! PC impact resistance 40% higher than ABS, ABS trolley case by the impact of the box will appear crease or even burst directly, and PC box after receiving the impact, the depression can be gradually rebound to the prototype, PC Luggage so the better hard The suitcase is pure PC material.

With the improvement of living standards, we are increasingly demanding for the quality of life, PC suitcase advantage is obvious, so most people are willing to buy more cost-effective, more stylish pure PC suitcase.

Recently, PC luggage market has been booming, trolley box is not just the traveler's consumer goods, according to domestic data show that PC suitcase consumption has been from the beginning of 2008 so far, PC Luggage consumption patterns have been slowly from the holiday before and after The regular consumption of regular consumption to the daily consumption, then, how can we buy their own, strong and durable trolley it?

First, the material of the trolley

PC suitcase in accordance with the material sub-soft box and hard box, hard box inside the general sub-aluminum box and zipper box.

The soft box is generally made of Oxford cloth, polyester, canvas and so on, because it is fabric material, so generally relatively light. Soft box before and after the box generally have a lot of bags, so that the soft box has a variety of functions, the advantages of large capacity. However, PC Luggage the waterproof performance of the soft box is generally not very good; hard box generally made of PET, PC, ABS + PC and other materials, the general color, beautiful appearance, impact resistance, can be very good to protect the luggage bag.

Second, the trolley case accessories

A PC suitcase accessories often determine the service life of the trolley case, a good trolley case, the accessories are very important.

Tie rod: rod material is usually aluminum, steel, the structure has a cut-type, two-cut, three-style. Double-cut, three-cut, refers to the rod can be adjusted according to the weight of the box length. When you buy, the tie bar must be selected and the steel or aluminum, aluminum is lighter and strong, otherwise can not afford barbaric loading and unloading, in addition, look at other configurations of the trolley, PC Luggage such as retractable button settings are human , Rods in the pull when the smooth and so on.

Third, buy PC luggage of the common problems

Whether the rod is shaking right and right? The lever is shaking very normal - the spring button connected between the rod and the rod; the large rod tube sets the small rod, the middle must have the gap, otherwise the two rod contact is too tight to pull out. In the built-in rod and spring connection there is a plastic ring sets, but also play a stabilizing role. So the rod is shaking in a certain range is very normal.