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Pure PC Material Trolley Case What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages

Jan 16, 2017

Daily use of two trolley cases generally have a hard shell and soft shell, hard plastic and metal are two kinds of materials, plastic trolley case is generally used PC, PVC, EVA, ABS and other materials, metal is generally used aluminum alloy, while the soft box refers to the use of cloth material trolley, nylon, polyester, canvas, etc. Plain trolley case what are the advantages and disadvantages of PC material?

PC is a good comprehensive performance of new resin polymer material, which typically have a strong resistance to high temperature and low cold, waterproof and wear-resistant and elastic, and can withstand high levels of impact and crushing. Compared to other plastic materials, PC high material density, does not need to be with other plastic materials thickness will have the same hardness and PC material trolley is light.

Plain trolley is a new type of PC material imported raw materials, which are polymers derived directly from the oil, relative to some recycled plastic material, smooth and beautiful, and more flexible to withstand more impact and squeeze. New pure PC material cost higher, and relative to the metal, just lack of hardness, easy to draw flowers.

Plain trolley made of waterproof and wear-resistant PC material, easy to clean, high temperature and low cold resistance, high impact extrusion and so on, the biggest drawback is the price, but your in the right place, doing what.