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Suitcase Caster Wheel With The Aircraft Which Is Better

Jan 16, 2017

Luggage items is a lot of people like to use mount tool, mainly its practical, and makes travel more convenient, easy and comfortable. When buying luggage, in addition to select favorite styles and colors, note also that bags of various parts, such as wheels, wheel well or not, is directly determine the quality of travel, suitcase caster wheel with the aircraft which is better?

Universal wheel trolley castors for activities which we often say, because of their structural design, it can achieve 360-degree rotating function. Aircraft wheels is also a caster, which is made up of eight wheels, as opposed to four-wheeled casters and wheels vary little in size, but the plane round costs even higher.

Aircraft wheels are generally silent rubber wheels, can greatly reduce the noise of the wheels and the ground collision, the aircraft wheel has eight wheels in direct contact with the ground, so suitcases also added a lot of friction with the ground. Although the plane wheels enhance the stability of the trunk, but efficiency is not good Caster.

Suitcase caster wheel with the aircraft about which is better? people who think the plane wheels more durable, better, but some people think universal wheels low cost, fast, and very good. So when you choose to travel, either choose caster or aircraft wheels, suit your is the best.