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The Check-in Box Is Designed For Airplane Travel

Sep 07, 2017

In the pursuit of happiness in the journey, if not necessary, as far as possible will not use the consignment box, the consignment has much violence, believe that experience will understand that heartache, so always want to bring it around, see will be relieved. And I don't want to be crushed by a huge backpack. So ah, has a delicate low-key check-in box, not only to avoid the cumbersome and waiting luggage baggage, protect their love box, Boarding Suitcase and do not have to endure the tired and inconvenient backpack, the liberation of the shoulders. So, today we will say, how to choose a tone, has the connotation, the quality of the check-in box, can let you stand out in the crowd of a intracavitary props.

Want to use the box to pretend to be chongrubujing but the tone of heaven is a systematic project, from the choice of the box to use all pay attention to, generally have such a few points: the choice of boarding box, size, material, details, brands; But I will put the brand in the final mention. Clothes and stickers in advance ... I don't know what to say, you can not understand. All right, let's go.

1. check-in Box Definition:

The Check-in box is a specially designed check-in box for aircraft travel. Air baggage is divided into checked baggage, self-care baggage (also called hand baggage) and carry-on items, the Check-in box is specifically the second kind (from Baidu Encyclopedia).

2. check box size:

According to the size of the Check-in box recommended by IATA (Air Transport Association), the size of the three sides of the check-in box is not more than 115CM. And most of the airlines on Earth is also the provision, 20-inch travel box general size is 34x50x500px, add up 2600px, Boarding Suitcase can be directly on the plane, a lot of 22-inch can also boarding, but generally business class, first class allows, economy class may dangerous, in order to avoid trouble, Or choose 20 inches and below will be more insurance.

That said, however, different airline regulations are different, especially now that the standard is changing, or to ask the airline's check-in size standard before flying. The boarding box is generally not weighed, Boarding Suitcase but some caustic airlines will also be abnormal to check, general control within 9KG is good.

3. Capacity of Boarding box:

20-inch boarding boxes are generally small, if the clothes two days a change, to deal with the most weeks of travel is absolutely no problem, of course, if you travel only with a few simple necessities, Boarding Suitcase there are short-term travel can also consider a smaller, such as 16-inch, 18-inch, 19-inch and so on.

The Check-in box, like the general suitcase, is usually made up of two types of surface materials: soft and hard boxes. Generally if you need to check, I will choose a soft box, but the boarding box, generally more popular is hard box, so I mainly introduce the hard material, and then I will give you a focus on the