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The Purchase Skill Of The Boarding Box

Sep 19, 2017

The Check-in box is a suitcase specially designed for aircraft travel. Air baggage is divided into checked baggage, self baggage (also called hand baggage) and carry-on items

The box can also be towed, we usually use the wheel of the trolley box is basically located at the bottom of the box, and modern people have designed a new form of the rod box, the box design into a cylindrical shape, the wheel is the whole outsourced outside the box, such a drum design makes this box can better adapt to different terrain, If you pull the box directly, Boarding Suitcase you can easily go up and down the stairs.

And the box is also distributed box, ABS hard box, suitcase, PC and so on as the main material, and will be divided into the use of directional wheel, universal wheel and the latest detachable universal wheel rod box three categories.

How to choose the Check-in box


First of all, the factors that affect our purchase of the boarding box, the use of the fabric occupies a larger part. Flat and smooth, no seams outside the design, no bubbling, no bare burrs. Boarding Suitcase High quality will be thickened in the outer layer, so that its wear resistance and tear resistance is good, also avoids our panic on board when encountering hard items and damage the appearance of the box. If the poor is a thin layer of cloth, so easily damaged the surface of the box, and can not protect the contents of the box.

Box lift

More plastic pieces, the choice should focus on the inspection of plastic quality, good quality has a certain plastic, poor quality of the plastic hard, brittle, Boarding Suitcase in the use of easy to break.


When we select the Check-in box, we should note the lever. Many are scalable, the choice of press the lock button repeatedly stretched several times, the lever should be flexible, fixed rod and telescopic rod coordination clearance should be moderate, expansion can not too large. Boarding Suitcase Good quality will use thickened aluminum alloy, and do trade union fine, toughness is higher, when we stretch the box is more smooth, more durable. and poor-quality rod commonly used materials for iron, Boarding Suitcase easy to break deformation, such luggage box is convenient to use?

Password lock

The most worrying thing about going out is the things we carry around. Therefore, choose a travel box with a password lock to compare security points, Boarding Suitcase also improve the safety factor (set the password to remember Oh, not too simple). Ordinary password lock can be opened easily, our box of items are relatively easy to lose.

Li Material

Whether it is textiles or leather products, Boarding Suitcase color should be coordinated with the package surface. Lining seams more, the stitches should be fine, not too large.


Check if the surrounding line is taut, and the bonding is natural. Laha is not smooth. Have teeth, dislocation

Multi-zipper Sandwich

When you go out, you'll have more style. So you can buy a number of sandwich small bags of the boarding box, according to our needs, separate the different objects, so that when we pick and put on a lot of convenience, their classification is clear, you can save a lot of time oh.

Suture Line

Whether straight, the upper and lower lines should be consistent, no empty needles, jumping needles, general box corners, turning places easy to have jumper.

Wheels: The material is of course the best rubber, the lower the sound when pulling on the ground. Should rotate flexibly, preferably with bearing wheel. With the hands of the wheel, Boarding Suitcase so that it idling, wheel rotation to light, flexible, wheel and axle is not tight and loose.

Universal wheel and one-way round which kind of good

A one-way wheel (two wheels) is durable because it has a larger wheel and is suitable for dragging on a flat and rugged road. When pulling heavy weights, Boarding Suitcase it is easier to control the direction and the stability is better.

Universal Wheel (four wheels) is easy to push on the smooth ground, cement on the road is a bit reluctant, the road requirements high. It's easy to pull, it's more labor-saving. Boarding Suitcase The wheels are exposed to the outside, very easy to knock.

In a word, I hope you can carefully remember the following tips and methods to purchase, so you can choose to a satisfactory boarding box oh.