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The Size Of The Board

Jul 03, 2017

The boarding box is a box designed specifically for the boarder to install the passenger board. Usually said that carrying items is specifically refers to the landing box. By plane we all know that the boarding machine is a certain standard size. Boarding machine is no exception, but also the standard. Board size is generally divided into 18,20,22,24,26,28,30 inch of these.

So how much is the standard size of the board? According to IATA (International Air Transport Association) recommended boarding box size, the provisions of the three sides of the board and the size of not more than 115CM. However, different airlines are also different, Boarding Suitcase because the airline's size standards have been changing, it is recommended that you take the plane before you can inquire about the airline's specific boarding board size standards.

Maximum size of boarding machine

1 take the domestic flights: the passenger's portable boarding box total weight of not more than 5 kg, the volume of each boarding box does not exceed 20 × 40 × 55 cm (depending on the requirements of the airlines may be different). The security board has a boarding box for passengers to test the size of the boarding box. If the passenger's boarding box can be placed in the standard basket, the board can be carried with you, Boarding Suitcase otherwise it needs to be checked.

2 take international flights: Usually, the total weight of the portable boarding box should not exceed 7 kg, each boarding box volume does not exceed 20 × 40 × 55 cm (three sides and not more than 115 cm). Passengers traveling by Mega route can only carry a portable boarding machine with you. (Some airlines have special weight restrictions, please pay attention to the ticket on the tips, or to the airline consultation.),

3 trolley can be portable or can be dragged, we usually use the trolley box wheels are basically located in the bottom of the box, and modern people have designed a new form of trolley case, Boarding Suitcase the box designed into a cylinder shape, wheels The whole package on the outside of the box, this drum design makes this trolley can better adapt to different terrain, such as directly pulled the box can easily up and down the stairs.

3 general boarding machine: according to the material can be divided into soft cloth box and hard box two (hard and can be divided into ABS and PP two); according to the structure can be divided into vertical rod and horizontal Two sizes; according to the size can be divided into (from small size to large size): 18 inch '20 inch' 22 inch '24 inch '26 inch' 28 inch ' Kind of!

4 commonly used is the 20-inch three-sided and add up to 115CM can carry the size of the aircraft and 28-inch three-sided and add up 158CM aircraft can be free shipping standard size.

Over the years, the IATA has recommended the size of the portable boarding box is long, wide and high, respectively, not more than 22,18,10 inches, converted into centimeters, Boarding Suitcase the size of about 55,45,25 cm. Over the years the luggage manufacturers are more or less in accordance with this provision, the production boarding machine. Everyone in the hands of the boarding box, the vast majority do not exceed this size.

In recent years, with the rise of cheap air, oil prices and rising labor costs, airline profits become more and more difficult, so the airlines had to proceed from all possible corner, cut costs. One of the biggest gains is the passenger boarding box. The process of this change can be roughly divided into the following rounds:

1st round: cancel free check-in board limit.

The round began about ten years ago, many airlines began to no longer provide free shipping of domestic flights, and the international flights to reduce the number of free checked boarding machine. In response to this change, the passenger's response is naturally to reduce the unnecessary travel board, while the portable board into the box as much as possible into the clothing. The result of this measure was that the airline began to make a considerable boarding fee, and the boarding box of the plane began to become more crowded.

The second round: from the boarding machine checked the tasted the sweetness of the airline began to think of ways to let more people pay the checked board.

As a result, the companies began to implement the strict restrictions on the number of boarding machines. Initially many airlines require a portable board can only be a boarding box plus a computer bag or a woman's handbag, the total weight of not more than 10 kg. Later, this standard fell further to 7 kg! The main performer of this round is cheap air, so many airports can see the gate to put an electronic said, all passengers should be said one by one to board the wonders. In this regard, Boarding Suitcase many of the more sensitive to the price of the passengers to take the strategy is to wear heavy clothes, the thin clothing on the board, to be boarding and then re-order. The result of this round: the airline began to earn more boarding fees, and due to the second checkbox, boarding process becomes more and more slow.

The third round: still unsatisfied airlines began lobbying the IATA, calling for a reduction in the number of boarding standards for years of implementation.

This motive, but also in line with the interests of the luggage manufacturers. After all, the demand for boarding change is limited every year. If you change the size of the standard, can be expected to produce a massive purchase of new board requirements.