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TPU Composite Material Manufactured Bags With Your Strengths

Jan 16, 2017

Bags of making fabric is directly decided bags grade of level, and now common of bags in the, regardless of is double shoulder package, and single shoulder package, and oblique satchel, also is lever box,, can made bags of fabric type very of more, compared common of has fabric of nylon, and Oxford cloth, has leather, and artificial skin, has PC, and ABS and so on, so TPU composite fabric making of bags has which advantages does?

TPU composite material is a kind of heated plastic, solvent-soluble thermoplastic polyurethane, which some heat to soften, but room temperature remains the same. New TPU composite material manufactured bags of raw materials not only has a high modulus, high strength, high scale and high elasticity characteristics and TPU composite fabric bags also has excellent wear resistance, oil resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance and so on.

TPU composite material itself has many of the advantages, which are not only used in the bags, also used in more areas, then customized TPU compound fabric bag, you can select both strength and reputation of customized luggage manufacturers.